Volunteer Position with PMILC: Social Media Officer

PMI Lebanon Chapter is pleased to invite the good-standing members to assist the chapter in the below volunteer position that is currently open:

Social Media Officer:

  1. Assist in posting news on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
  2. Assist in reshaping the chapter Website
  3. Assist in posting Monthly Talks on the website and social media
  4. Assist in attracting new members and fans for social media presence
  5. Assist in creating groups as part of PMI Lebanon chapter FACEBOOK page
  6. Act as an ambassador in promoting PMI LC in all social media

The required candidate should have the basic knowledge in social media administration.

At PMI Lebanon Chapter, we value our volunteers. We want you to succeed and grow your leadership skills.

If you are interested in the above volunteering position, kindly send an email to volunteers@pmilebanonchapter.org