The Culture Transformation at Quantum Group By Khaled Tayyara

Lecture Outline:

  • Change, and how the world of communication is shifting
  • Culture as the competitive advantage.
    • The call for action, how the project was developed
    • The approach and the tool
  • The journey and the milestones
    • Project team
    • Plan of actions and implementation
  • Q&A

Lecture Objectives:

It is know that the only constant in life is change  and it is no different for organizations. The world of communication is moving and shifting fast, at Quantum Group our executives are aware and facing it heads on.

In order to adapt, they are adopting their best thinking to realign our core values with our vision and mission, revisit our strategies as well as systems and processes, as we need to step up to these challenges. The ultimate objective of this project is to transform and prepare Quantum people to the new Business challenges of the Communication Industry.

Lecturer’s Brief Biography:

Khaled Tayara is the Head of HR at Quantum Group.

He has over 20 years of experience in the field of Human Resources – HR, with extensive knowledge in human resources development  (change Management, Performance Management and organizational Development) and implementation of Human Resources Management Systems -HRMS and E-learning courses.

He has worked in various industries such as Advertising & Communication, Telecom, FMCG, pharmaceuticals and High-Tech Manufactory. He also taught Human Resources Management for Executive MBA students at the AUB and for the HR master in the USJ  and actually he is an HR instructor for the AUB Extension Programs.

Khaled Tayara is a graduate of Sorbonne  – Paris 1, with a Bachelor Degree in International Private Law and a Master Degree in European Business Law.  He has also earned a Master Degree in Lebanese Law from Saint Joseph University– USJ and Master in Business Administration from Ecole Superieure des Affaires – ESA.

Khaled is NLP practitioner, and is accredited as a Team Management System Trainer.