Cynefin Framework, Giving sense to complexity by Pierre Neis

Pierre Neis Delivered a lecture in January about Cynefin Framework.
The Cynefin Model helps to understand how your project or your organization is running.

The lecture gives you hands-on tips and tricks how this approach is used for decision taking for responsive projects.
In between, it also allows you to discover why global innovative projects, nowadays reduce their risks to failure using Cynefin approach.



Lecturer’s Brief Biography:  Pierre E. NEIS
Pierre is Senior Management Consultant with deep knowledge in Product Development and Operational Excellence: Finance, Government, E-Commerce, Global organizations, Offshore Maturity.
He has lead 20+ organizations transformations in the past 10 years; He has a Master II, Innovation’s Marketing & Project Management, He is Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Professional. He is the co-organizer of the Lean Kanban France, #play14, Agile4HR program.
He started his career as Product Manager in the Automotive Industry and challenged himself as Portfolio Manager in Venture Capital to jump in the Software Industry.
He has tested unconventional coaching approaches in Audit, Asset Management, Industry, Education, Government, and Private Equities.
He’s the man behind the Product Owner’s Helpdesk on LinkedIn and has developed several Agile custom frameworks like [sKale] (HR) and PLöRK (Leadership through games).
We & Co: Luxembourg
Upward Consulting: Beirut
The Boston Consulting Group Digital Venture: London
Performance Partners: Global