Jad Doumith lecture about Banking Regulation and Risk Management at PMI Lebanon Chapter

Banking Regulations and the numerous requirements imposed on banking institutions have been praised by many as indispensable in protecting the various stakeholders of the banking industry. They have also been criticized for burdening the industry with unnecessary limitations which ultimately tend to lower its overall efficiency, in addition to being reactive and short in preventing the successive devastating financial crises. Through a brief overview of the evolution of Banking regulations, the role of this session is to explore the new challenges of the risk management profession in line with the ever changing regulatory environment and its impact on the banking industry, and by extension, the overall economy.


  1. Is Banking Regulation a necessity?
  2. Globalization, Complexity and Regulations
  3. Reactivity Vs Proactivity
  4. The Basel Accord: Evolution and pitfalls
  5. Learning by Mistake
  6. Post 2008 crisis: A regulatory Boom
  7. The Risk Management profession after the crisis
  8. Already Basel IV?
  9. Q&A Session

Lecture’s Brief Biography

Jad DoumithJad Doumith is a Senior Examiner at the Banking Control Commission (BCC) and a regular speaker in the areas of Market and Liquidity Risks. He joined the BCC in 2007 where he was in charge of Market and Interest Rate Risk Assessment and specialized in areas related to financial markets and instruments including investment funds and structured products. During the past eight years, Mr. Doumith was also heavily involved in proposing, and helping in the drafting of regulations related to the fields above, in addition to designing regulatory stress tests, conducting onsite risk assessment missions and monitoring banks’ portfolios of financial instruments. Starting early 2012, Mr. Doumith is also a supervisor in the department in charge of the offsite supervision of Banks, Financial Institutions and Leasing companies.

In addition, Mr. Doumith gives the preparatory course for the “Lebanese Banking Regulations Qualification” at Ecole Superieure des Affaires (ESA) where he handles all the topics covered in this course.
Mr. Doumith is also the Founder of Finance & Risk Institute (FRI), today the largest institute in Lebanon for CFA and FRM prep courses with more than 120 candidates yearly. He has an extensive experience in lecturing in several topics of the mentioned programs, particularly in the areas of Risk Management, Derivatives, Fixed Income Securities, Equity Investments, Portfolio Management and Quantitative Methods among others. He currently teaches all these topics for the CFA Levels I, II and III programs and the FRM program at FRI.

Photos of the Event