4 Project Management trends in Lebanon for the year 2014

Lebanon is a small country with some big opportunities; Lebanon in project management world is a trend follower in the time being not a trend creator for the lack budget and the increase of insecurity. These are four trends I think you should watch for in the project management domain in Lebanon:

1. Project Schedulers into the cloud.

In 2014, more Lebanese business will incorporate the use of cloud computing into their strategies. Again Lebanon manage small/medium projects, so the use of primavera and other tool like Microsoft project will be none efficient comparing to other online and cloud based tools like: AtTask, Gantter, Active Collab, and a lot more.

These solution providers will continue to master the project scheduling domain, and more firms will take advantage of web-based scheduling tools that are platform independent and work in mobile environments. Individual scheduling on a single client machine like primavera, Microsoft excel and others will eventually be replaced by these innovative scheduling solutions.

2. Business functions require more project managers:

Project management concept in Lebanon is no longer restricted to IT or construction. Business organizations are getting smarter as they begin to imitate the IT/construction project management role to ensure successful implementations and delivery.

This business/IT concept of work will take on business related project management tasks and work directly with the IT/construction project management staff and PMO to ensure project success. HR, finance, legal, marketing, community affairs, PR, administration, quality and other business functions will invest in project management training to help implement organizational changes that were once expected to be completed as part of business operations and quality improvement.

3. Reliance on resource management.

With scheduling and project data centralized, PMOs will have more view into determining capacity. By using scheduling, collaborative, task tracking and time keeping softwares all integrated the PMO will have real time resources tracking and these data could be developed accordingly.

This will improve data-driven decision making in the organization.

4. Online collaboration tool adoption will increase.

Web-based document sharing solutions have been around for more than 8 years, yet these tools are being replaced by seamless collaboration platforms that move teams out of their inbox and into the cloud.

In 2014, more firms will adopt collaboration tools like tibbr, Active collab, Asana, Trello, and Siasto to manage tasks and provide project management services. We’ve already seen a lot of these tools integrated with Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Docs, and Box in 2013.

Trends are nice, but delivery is better

Regardless of new trends, effective PM/PMOs/PGMPs should continue to focus on the technical and leadership skills that help deliver projects. Customers will always choose delivery over the latest technological tool. However, I’m convinced that these trends will guarantee the improvement and adoption of project management in Lebanon.

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